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Nonprofit Organization And The Importance Of A Nonprofit

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Publish a legal notice in News Papers to register a company

A legal notice is required in a few states to form a corporation, limited liability company or a sole proprietorship. County or states advise for NP

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Hello to everyone, this is your presenter Monazza Aarfa on DueClixVoiceFM. John Bunyan said,“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”


Today, our topic is about a nonprofit organization and the importance of a nonprofit.

We have invited Nashib Umer in our studio who is the CEO of InfoTaxSquare.com which is helping establishing non-profit-organization for almost two decades all over the United States and hundreds of professionals including CPAs and attorneys use InfoTaxSquare.com Services for their clients to establish and cancel nonprofits.

InfoTaxSquare.com approval rate to register nonprofits with the Internal Revenue Services is 100%.

I know that you may have a lot of questions in your mind about a nonprofit organization. I want to let you know that we will address as many as we can in today's program. We will do more programs to cover more topics about a nonprofit on DueclixVocie.FM  in future.


Let me jump on the program now to share what you want to know to establish, maintain and close your nonprofit organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is evolved in Starting and Stopping a Not-For-Profit Organization? +

There is always a meaningful motive behind to start something new, A motive can either be financial or social benefits.

A nonprofit is an entity which gives both benefits such as saving and securing.

  1. A nonprofit entity saves humanity from a harmful life and
  2. A nonprofit organization helps donors to secure taxes.

A nonprofit is a legal entity which is created by the state and federal, that helps humanity rather than staying contained to self-interest. In a nonprofit organization, revenues are called contributions, whereas disbursements are called distributions.

We will cover in this program the point of intersections between nonprofit organizations and departments such as;

  • Secretary of state,
  • Internal Revenue Services and
  • With the attorney general office.
Because, a nonprofit circle among three triangular departments from start to finish.

We will also try to review every essential aspect of a nonprofit which someone may need to know in-order to initiate a nonprofit institution.

We will cover today:
  1. How to create a nonprofit organization under state laws?
  2. How to acquire an employer identification number for a nonprofit institution?
  3. How to file for Federal tax classification with the Internal Revenue Services?
  4. Why do we file a nonprofit organization with the attorney general's office?
  5. Why do we file a nonprofit organization with the department of revenue and the division of taxation and finance?

How does compliance help in reconciling complications and protecting from an automated or permanent cancellation of an N.P.O? +

It is important to comply with laws to maintain any legal entity regardless of a profit or a not-for-profit entity. Intentionally and unintentionally ignoring laws may wipe out your years of struggle in a moment. We Will cover in this program, different aspects of a nonprofit organization from registration through resignation.

Before, we start program; let me first highlight the importance of DueClixVoiceFM.

How does DueClixVoiceFM participate to help a society? +

We have no doubts about this organic route that DueClixVoiceFM empowers hidden talent across the globe and any less fortunate entity and a person who is facing a financial disability to avail the opportunity of online visibility which is vital and inevitable in today's world.

What is evolved in DueClixVoiceFM which may revolve your business around the internet? +

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  3. Furthermore, it is a combination of voice and text which gives you a facility, to listen to when you are driving and read when you are sitting in front of your computer. We urge every participant to support DueClixVoice.

What is the history behind starting a nonprofit organization? +

Giving back to societies in different forms such as in the form of cash contribution or service, contribution is an old fashion and tradition to help people and improve society's lifestyle.

Generally, a person gets motivated by financial benefits and that's why a nonprofit organization was given a legal status by the lawmakers to claim expenses to reduce tax liabilities for securing financial benefits and holds a person accountable for collecting contribution and its legit distribution to stop mishandling funds of a nonprofit organization.

Based on my research, the first nonprofit entity was started in the United States was in 1940 which was created by Edward L. Ryerson. She was a steel executive and she lived in Illinois. The name of the organization was Council on Foundation and it was funded by community individuals.

What goals does a person achieve by establishing a non-profit organization? +

To do something different gives you energy, keeps you motivated and restores your faith in what you are doing is a great, unique and demanding cause for society that keeps you free from the fear that you may be held accountable.

A nonprofit organization is created to serve society for many purposes and the intention behind a non-profit-organization must not be generating income, rather than the intention must be distribution of funds fairly that has been contributed by the donors to be spent for a good cause.

Yes, it is the duty of the state to help every citizen, but in practice it is not possible for a state so the communities people take some burden of the state and in return, the state gives them financial benefits such as the state allows them to claim contribution on their income tax returns to reduce tax liability.

How many types of nonprofits are available to the state? And, +

A nonprofit is called by many different names such as;

  1. Not-for-profit organization,
  2. Nonprofit organization
  3. Non-business entity or
  4. A nonprofit institution.

Even though, the names and indicators may be different, but the purpose still remains same, to register a nonprofit entity.

State proposes different types of nonprofit organizations and you establish a nonprofit based on the activities. Let me give a few examples to clarify it a bit better:
  1. Religious organization where people of the same faith worship at religious sites, such as Churches, synagogue mosques and temples.
  2. Research and development or a scientific organization are also one kind of nonprofit organizations which were established to discover or enhance technology to improve lifestyle.
  3. A nonprofit is created to help communities, to provide basic human needs such as food, cloth and a place to live temporarily or permanently.

Can you create a nonprofit organization for political activities such as collecting funds to run a political election? +

A Nonprofit organization is not allowed for any political activities and contribution in political activities is not tax deductible as well.

Who manages a nonprofit organization and what are the positions a nonprofit organization may have? +

Generally a nonprofit is managed by:

  1. Officers
  2. Directors
  3. Employees
  4. Trustees
  5. President
  6. Vice President
  7. Secretary, And
  8. Managers

How does a nonprofit organization generate funding to manage paying routine expenses, including paying salaries for staff and management? +

A nonprofit organization generates donations through campaigns and acquire government grants rather than revenues. It receives donations from generous people and organizations to operate.

A Donor and Do-nee play a vital role in rolling a nonprofit. A donor is a person or an organization who makes a contribution voluntarily in a form of cash or service whereas a Do-nee is a person or an organization who receives gift to start and run a nonprofit organization.

Providing service as a volunteer for a nonprofit organization is not part of the donation, so it is not tax deductible.

What are the steps to register a non-profit organization? +

Registration of a nonprofit organization is a triangular process. Every nonprofit organization is registered with;

  1. The State or county which depends on the activities of a nonprofit organization.
  2. The Internal Revenue Services for federal tax exemption, And
  3. The Attorney General Office for state tax exemption.


What documents are filed to register a not-for-profit organization? +

Articles of certificate of incorporation are filed by the state or county which depends on each state and the type of entity; For Example : A nonprofit for a hospital will be filed with the state, whereas a religious organization article is filed by the county clerks office in the state of New York.

  • After the approval from the state examiner, an Employer Identification Number is applied to the Internal Revenue Services.
  • The EIN does not mean that you have gotten a federal tax exemption approval rather it is simply issued to start nonprofit and open bank account.

How to acquire the status of Federal tax exemption from the Internal Revenue Services for a nonprofit organization? +

After the initial incorporation filings with the secretary of state, we file 501C-3 with Internal Revenue Services along with :

  1. Bylaws, which normally includes purpose of a nonprofit, titles of the officers and their duties and dissolution clause.
  2. Narrative description is filed which includes detailed purpose and how a nonprofit will serve communities.
  3. Conflict of interest statement or a duality of interest statement is filed, which include policies and procedures of a nonprofit entity, that any officer or trustee will not conflict with the position, financial responsibility or other duties performed by nonprofit and in the community.
Since, filing a nonprofit entity is a complex and time consuming process, I highly recommend to hire an experienced professional to prepare and file documents to concerned agencies to reduce the chance of rejection for your nonprofit organization articles.

What is the procedure to process nonprofit filing with the attorney general office? +

After getting the approval of Federal Tax Exemption from the Internal Revenue Services which is also called 501c3, the approved articles are submitted to the attorney general office to acquire a state tax exemption which is important to claim donations and receive contributions in tax returns.

What is the use of federal and state tax exemptions? +

Without having tax exemptions from the state and federal, a nonprofit organization cannot collect donation and a donor cannot claim contribution to get the tax benefit.

Under what circumstances does a nonprofit lose its nonprofit status? +

There are a number of reasons that may wipe out a nonprofit organization temporary or permanently:

  1. Failed to file tax returns to the state and federal for three consecutive years.
  2. Failed to renew on or before the due date. And
  3. Involved in any prohibited activity.

What is the requirement to register the same nonprofit organization or a branch office to operate in multiple states?; +

A nonprofit organization is required to register in each state under principle nonprofit organization to extend operation of the same organization in a different state. And, let me explain the process:

  1. A foreign entity is established under a principle nonprofit organization to extend operation in the state where the operation will be started with the principle nonprofit organization. It is also known as a certificate of authority and transact business in another states.
  2. Principle's nonprofit institution, employer identification number will be used rather than obtaining a new E.I.N from the Internal Revenue Services.
  3. Principle nonprofit institution, federal tax exemption will be used rather than applying for a new federal tax exemption.
  4. The additional state exemption form will be submitted to a new state attorney general office to get the state tax exemption.
  5. Sales tax permit will be obtained from the department of revenue where a foreign entity of principle nonprofit is organized.

Is there any blanket registration of a nonprofit is available which gives an authority to transact operation of a nonprofit organization universally under one registration? +

There is no blanket nonprofit registration is existed in the United States which gives the authority to a nonprofit entity to operate universally under one registration.

Can an existing nonprofit organization move or domesticate from one state to another with a history such as age of nonprofit organizations? +

It depends on each state most states do allow it, whereas a few do not allow the move from one state to another. You may get information from the secretary of state if both the states allow the domestication of a nonprofit organization.

What is tax filing requirement of a non-profit organization? +

Every active nonprofit entity, whether it has any activity or not, it is required to file the end of the year tax returns. A nonprofit, tax filing date is generally different from a regular business entity which depends on the type of entity and state requirements.

Can a Non-US Resident register a nonprofit organization in the USA or a Non-US-Resident can be a member of a Non-Profit Organization? +

In either case a Non-US-Resident can participate in nonprofit organizations. There is no restriction in the United States for a Non-US-Resident which stops a Non-US-Resident from registration of a nonprofit.

Can a not-for-profit organization file for a trademark and what is the process to protect name nationwide for a nonprofit organization with the U.S.P.T.O? +

Trademarking is vital for branding a business in any particular industry and it is one of the most valuable intangible assets of any organization regardless of a business or non-business entity.

A nonprofit is capable of filing a trademark and registration of a trademark is a three-step process.

  1. Searching of a trademark availability
  2. Publishing legal notices in newspapers
  3. Issuance of the trademark certificate by the United States Patent and Trademark Office

A trademark is renewable every after ten years.

How to ascertain if the name is obtainable to file trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office ? +

Before filing an application to file for trademarking, name availability is checked in different search engines such as Google and Yahoo and it is also checked on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

Searching a name for trademark is a complex and time-consuming process, and it is highly recommended to use a professional's help.

Can a nonprofit pay out salaries to the employees and management and what is the procedure? +

A nonprofit pays salary to employees and managers, provided they are working for a nonprofit organization. Withholding registration is filed in a state where a nonprofit is registered in order to apply for payroll registration.

Can a nonprofit organization or its members be sued? +

A legally registered entity in the United States can be sued and non-profit is also a legally registered entity and it is capable to be sued. So, it should abide applicable laws to remain in good standing.

Does a nonprofit seek sales and use tax registration and what is its purpose and process to apply? +

Sales tax registration is recommended for a nonprofit organization to avoid paying sales tax on purchasing taxable items. Department of revenue or the division of taxation and finance issue sales tax permits to not-for-profit entities.

Why does a nonprofit organization acquire an employer identification number from the Internal Revenue Services? +

Every profit and nonprofit organization are required to acquire an employer identification number which is used to:

  1. Open bank account
  2. Filing taxes
  3. To hire employees
  4. To get a withholding number
  5. Getting sales tax permit, And
  6. To get business licenses

Why does a nonprofit organization require to acquire withholding number? +

A withholding number is used to hire employees and it is issued by the department of revenue or the division of taxation and finance.

What is estimated time to register a complete nonprofit organization? +

The entire process may take between sixty days to ninety days or more which depends on the nature of a nonprofit organization to register.

Every nonprofit application must be approved by:

  1.     Secretary of state or county clerk's office which depends on the type of nonprofits organization.
  2.     Federal tax exemption from the Internal Revenue Services
  3.     Filing with the attorney general office
  4.     and other registrations which includes sales tax and withholding numbers.

How to cancel a nonprofit organization? +

Articles of dissolution are filed with the consent of the responsible parties of nonprofit organizations to terminate a nonprofit organization.

How does each registration of nonprofit entities with state and federal impact income tax filings? +

Registration with states and federal for a nonprofit organization gives the ability to donors and receivers to apply expenses and contributions in their tax returns which is not possible without registration.

How can a donor verify if nonprofit organization has valid federal tax exempt status? +

The Internal Revenue Services maintains an online database to verify if the organization has a valid tax exemption status.

What documents does a nonprofit organization provide donors to claim the donation on their income tax returns? +

A nonprofit organization issues letters to all donors at end of the year for the amount they have given to the organization in donations to claim on their tax returns.

What records does a nonprofit maintain to defend against any audit from donors and departments? +

Nonprofits are very sensitive entities and audit chances of nonprofit organizations are very high, so it is highly recommended to keep all donors and vendor records to defend an audit.

The internal Revenue Services may ask you to conduct audits at location or simply send the requested documents to the Internal Revenue Services to review.

What is the process to voluantarily leave nonprofit organization? +

You can file a resignation to the board and request to remove your name from the articles of a nonprofit organization.

Is service contribution acceptable or deductible under a nonprofit organization rather than contributing cash? +

A volunteer who makes a contribution to a nonprofit organization in the form of service is not tax deductible. Only cash and a tangible asset are tax deductible such as a car.

Can a nonprofit organization register as limited liability company? +

A few states of the United States have a provision to register a nonprofit organization as a limited liability company, but the Internal Revenue Services may or may not allow a federal tax exemption.

Can a nonprofit organization generate income rather than collecting contributions by selling products or providing services? +

Even though a nonprofit is created to collect donations, the Internal Revenue Services allows nonprofit organizations to receive unrelated income which will be reported and taxed as regular income.


Appreciate and support nonprofit organizations' organizers and thanks to generous donors who help states and less fortunate people. Additionally, follow the laws to help nonprofits live and grow.

Let me say goodbye to everyone with a wish to have a wonderful rest of the day and reach me at www.InfoTaxSquare.com for any inquiry about starting a new nonprofit, maintenance of an existing nonprofit and withdraw a nonprofit organization.



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