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Interview of CEO Nashib Umer on DueClixVoiceFM about the business registration in the USA

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An open LLC company in the USA and in most states done in 24-48 hours

A limited liability company is the most popular business structure to do business due to its simplicity and flexibility. You can start with one owner

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Nashib UmerWriter : Nashib Umer Rasheem James NorthingtonVoice : Rasheem James Northington United States 10585 Listens

Source : https://infotaxsquare.com/new_business_setup.htm


Exclusive interview of Nashib Umer who is the CEO of IntoTaxSquare.com on DueClixVoice.FM

An American Dream That Can Only Be Achieved By Starting Your Own Business!

This the title of our today's program and we will ask questions  with our guest  about his journey for a successful business and his advice for the others who has a will and vision to accomplish a mission.

Coming and conducting business in the United states has been dreaming of many talented people across the world, because the USA is the only country that has the most flexible rules to start business regardless of the physical presence or not in the United States.

The USA has no bar or discrepancy between a US-Resident or No-US-Resident to start a fresh business. The tax code of the Internal Revenue Services and the Secretary of States frames either status in a same frame.

About the Role of DueClixVoiceFM

DueClixVoiceFM is the only vocal channel that provides a needy business owner to spread their words across the globe and I urge every listener and user, support DueClixVoiceFM to keep it tune.

Our guest Nashib Umer, Who is an accountant, entrepreneur, expert, anchor and the owner of many successful businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you Nashib, and Tell our listeners what you are going to say in today's program? +

I thank you, for having me here on DueClixVoiceFM to share my opinion with your listeners to start business in the United States regardless of their residency status. I would love to share idea, history and progress of IntoTaxSquare.com with DueClixVoiceFM listeners. As, we go further in the program.

I also thank you Rasheem for greatly motivated compliments and please accept my compliments about your diaphragm discovery that is opening more doors in the healthcare industry.

Do you have anything to share here today Rasheem? Because, a small tip about healthcare may help to many people to improve their lifestyle. Which, I believe, it is vital in today's tough challenges that the world is currently facing.

What you had in mind, that pushed you to start InfoTaxSquare? +

Rasheem, as you mentioned in the beginning of this program that starting a business in the United States has been a dream of many talented people. I am the first generation in the USA and I came here two decades ago with a mission to achieve an “American Dream” that is “A Recognition of your Skills”

I had a few good reasons in my mind to start InfoTaxSquare.com.

  1. Make the business registration process easy and simple
  2. Save time
  3. Make affordable
  4. Transparency
  5. Serve under one roof

Though, coming to the USA from UAE was not in my “Wish List” but some of my sincere senior managers and friends pushed me to tuc your luck. I have achieved my American Dreams and now I am helping and guiding others to chase me through InfoTaxSquare to achieve their goals.

When did you start InfoTaxSquare and why someone use InfoTaxSquare? +

I started InfoTaxSquare in 2003 with an idea as I mentioned earlier in this program, to help people to apply for business registration and get licenses online from anywhere and for your information so far we have established thousands of new businesses across the USA in many different industries.

Rasheem, I ask you and your listeners, go online and check the status, reputation and the credibility of the InfoTaxSquare, you will find most of the rating agencies have either given InfoTaxSquare A+ or five stars due to customer care and disclosure policies.

What services does InfoTaxSqure provide and can you highlight a few of them? +

InfoTaxSquare provides many business registration services and a few of them I am going to highlight for your listeners;

  1. Registration of profit, non-profit, professional entities and trademarking
  2. Business licenses across the United States
  3. Business development

Can we go online to register a company rather we retain a CPA or an Attorney? +

Yes, you can go online 24/7 to apply for a new business entity or business license rather you retain a CPA or an attorney. And, for your information thousands of CPAs and Attorneys across the United States use InfoTaxSquare.com online portal for their clients

Why do professionals do use InfoTaxSquare, when they have ability to by-pass you? +

There is a reason why a CPA or an Attorney use InfoTaxSquare online portal. Because, InfoTaxSquare has an online library where we have updated business registration laws of all 50 states which appeals them to use InfoTaxSquare rather they spend time to do their own research.

How much does InfoTaxSquare.com charge to open a Corporation? +

InfoTaxSquare charges a fixed fee of $69.00 plus state filing fee to register a corporation in any state of the USA. Filing fee depends on each state, for example; New York State filing fee is $135.00 to form a corporation, whereas Pennsylvania State filing fee is $125.00 to form a regular corporation.

How soon you can form a corporation to open bank account and operate a business? +

Normally, we get an approval from the state to form a corporation or register an LLC within 24-48 hours. We get your federal id number same day from the Internal Revenue Service provided you have a social security number. You can bring Employer Identification Number (EIN) along with the approved articles of incorporation or an articles of organization to any nearest bank to open bank account.

Can I open a corporation other than my home state? +

Yes you can, but you have to keep in mind that you are still required to register a company in your home state as well which is called a foreign entity or certificate of authority that gives you a permission to do business in a multiple states. Secretary of states does not allow to register a company according to your wish and bypass laws for tax benefits.

Can an Online Business open in another state? +

Regardless, online or storefront you are still required to register business in the state you are conducting business.


Let me conclude the program “Business Registration in the United States”. Based on my over 20 years of experience in business establishment and business development. I say, A successful business takes two years to take off. First year is the phase of learning, whereas the second is a phase of earnings.

A new business wants devotion, self-motivation, sacrifice and patience. Most successful people say “Just Do It” and I have a solid faith in this phrase.

We all wish to have a financial flexibility and freedom and having your business is the only route that can provide us such a flexibility and freedom. Why wait, then, find your skills and start your business today. When people like Nashib Umer can travel thousands of miles to come to the USA and achieved an “American Dream”. I am sure, we can too.



Initial Report Filing is required for the new business registration

File Initial Report Filings or Statement of Information within thirty days of the company being formed such as Alabama, Nevada, Georgia, Alaska, WA