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DueClixVoiceFM Converts Voice into Text and Sends in Search Engines Not Limited to Google and Yahoo

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Nashib UmerWriter : Nashib Umer Ken NGWAVoice : Ken NGWA United States 5153 Listens

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Hello to everyone listening to Nashib's live on DueClixVoiceFM!

This is Ken your Host on DueClixVoiceFM to share with Nashib's listeners another revolutionary contribution to digital marketing. Digital marketing was never as easy and effective as it is now with Nashib's new discovery about the voice-over optimization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Algorithm of DueClixVoiceFM? +

The Algorithm of DueClixVoiceFM Contains Recording + Converting + Publishing + Playing

DueClixVoiceFM is also known for Voice-Over Optimization!

Voice-over Optimization is one of Nashib's contributions to digital marketing it boosts and extracts the most relevant results for its users in online searches.

Voice-Over Optimization has made digital marketing easy and effective!

In today's program I would like to share with Nashib's listeners and followers an introduction of Voice-Over Optimization and how it appeals to search engines, users and sellers.

How does Nashib’s DueClixVoiceFM voice-over optimization assist search engines, users and sellers? +

Digital Marketing is the visibility of content on the internet in a different format such as text, image, audio and video format. The content creates a bridge between two websites to visit each other.

Content is the key for digital marketing, and to produce the organic content, it costs you money and it requires knowledge and most digital marketers unfortunately without knowledge about search engine algorithm, extract existing content from different websites, which most search engines reject to index. This particular practice by a digital marketer is a waste of resources and energy. Based on the analysis and experience, estimated over 90% of content is rejected by different search engines due to the Plagiarism Practice of the Digital Marketers.

Here is an example to support the Nashib's voice-over optimization idea.

Can a digital marketing person create a post about medicine or promoting oil industry without having the expertise in each particular area?

The simple and straight answer is “No”, because a digital marketer must have, education, experience and certification to do so.

And, it is professionally and ethically wrong to share an opinion or give a suggestion to someone, if you do not have the certification or expertise.

What are the features of a DueClixVoiceFM? +

  1. DueClixVoiceFM feeds 99.99% organic content to a search engine which increases chances to index immediately and it saves resources of search engines.
  2. Voice-over optimization provides a solution to create 99.99% relevant and organic content on a specific topic which helps to index immediately in different search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
  3. A person who has a knowledge of the subject, records their voice to avoid chances of rejection from a search engine to index content.
  4. DueClixVoiceFM has the ability to convert voice into text and forward in different search engines.
  5. DueClixVoiceFM saves time and resources of sellers and eliminates the essence of digital marketers.
  6. DueClixVoice.FM is a cloud radio technology and it is accessible globally.
  7. DueClixVoice. FM will bring back the confidence of the businesses who are interested to promote their businesses online due to its accuracy, effectiveness and ranking in different search engines.
  8. DueClixVoiceFM is a cloud radio as well, which keeps you entertained 24/7.

I hope that you will apply this dynamic and revolutionary technology in your business to boost your sale and presence on the internet.

Good Luck! And good bye from DueClixVoiceFM. Stay tuned on DueClixVoiceFM for more information.



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