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Interview of Rasheem J Northington By Kate Delaney An Award Winning National Broadcast Personality

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Rasheem James NorthingtonWriter : Rasheem James Northington  Kate DelaneyVoice : Kate Delaney United States 20078 Listens


300 Voluntary Deep Breath May Increase and Improve Your Life


Background of Rasheem J Nothington and learning process through Kung Fu and how it led you to write this book Diaphragm-The Muscle Source of Life? 


I trained in Kung Fu Daoist tai chi kung for many years since I was about early teens, mid-teens, I would say. And it involves a lot of breathing type of exercises and um breathing was stressed to be the key to having power in this art, so the stronger your breath was the more power you can obtain. That was the main focus of the training and everything was heavily based on breathing and the breath and that contributed to me later on about the nature of the diaphragm involvement with the breath.


How would you describe the deep breathing?


In chi kung breathing you’re encouraged to take deep breaths, belly breaths, full breaths, full conscious breaths every breath you take in the training and that’s the key to developing power, the deepness of the breath.


When we look at the diaphragm the importance of it of a skeletal muscle it’s the only right skeletal muscle controlled by involuntary, unconscious or voluntary, conscious nervous system right so its really an interesting thing to talk about. 


Correct cause the diaphragm is a skeletal muscle which is supposed to be like all other skeletal muscles are, a voluntarily controlled muscle yet it is heavily controlled involuntarily which is unique amongst all the other skeletal muscles in the body.

Now, that indicates how significant and important the function of the diaphragm is, the fact that even though we have voluntary control, the body actually dominates the control over our voluntary control in most cases.


Why did you write the book, because you realized how important it was with all the things, that we just said?


Oh yes, the last thing my kung fu teacher told me before he passed away was do 300 breaths a day kid his exact words. That stuck with me because I didn't truly understand what that meant so I kept thinking about it and I went back to the kung fu training and exercises that required breath in order to help achieve power from that exercise. I began to realize that I wasn’t as good as I use to be when I was younger, and I struggled to breathe to maintain those sort of those postural exercises and I noticed in order for me to be better at it my diaphragm had to work harder at it. 

And then it started to make me realize in order for the breath to get stronger so does the diaphragm, must get stronger because the diaphragm is what controls the flow of the breath and as the diaphragm get stronger so the breath can be deeper from a stronger or more full contraction of the diaphragm that can really only be done voluntarily.


You talk, you go deep into this you tell us things to do things to be aware of all of that right? 



What led you to say OK I should write this book because I see how important it is that you know kid take 300 breaths a day what really drove you to saying I think I need to tell people more about this? 


Because, I think at the same time after my teacher was teaching about breathing it was never taught or explained in relation to the diaphragm’s function specifically, I mean it mentions that oh the diaphragm is the breathing muscle but then it says breathe and the diaphragm itself is not really included in that category so what I started to obtain is that, um if we look at breathing from the scope of the diaphragm’s involvement, I think the understanding of breathing becomes a little easier. And it starts to make more sense that breath, if breath can’t happen without the diaphragm, in order for us to gauge how strong a breath is should be gauged by the strength of your diaphragm. 


And I think that it quantifies everything it makes everything understandable of why I could only breath but so much because that's the limit that my diaphragm has on it and if I increase the limitation on my diaphragm then I can increase the limits on my deep breathing or deep breath and I think that if everybody understands it from that regard things will be more easily attainable due to a greater understanding of how breathing works and that the breath is really specifically controlled by the function of the diaphragm and breath cannot happen without that function.


We're kind of sleepwalking when it comes to breathing do you think so?

I think so, but the thing that’s even more significant about the diaphragm’s function even though it's necessary for breathing because the diaphragm is designed the way it is upon breathing it also does a whole lot more for the body than just breathing because breathing is not just the only thing we need for health and well-being we also need a good circulation system not only does the diaphragm play a role in accessing oxygen and influencing the breath it also is the key muscle to also stimulate healthy circulation in addition to oxygenating the body which is also unlike any other muscle in the body because other muscles can have longer rest periods the diaphragm does not have that luxury. 


The diaphragm must keep engaging therefore keeps giving us the potential and option to continuously circulate the blood independent of the other muscles in the body which are very beneficial once they’re engaged but most of most of our lifestyles are sedentary so in sedentary sessions like as in this phone conversation the diaphragm becomes a major muscle source in this case for life and for circulation that’s very significant as well not just for breathing but blood return back to the heart which gives the heart blood to pump back out to the rest of the body full of oxygen yeah ( all with the diaphragm).

How much better is your life improved which I think I'm answering my own question when you breathe correctly? 

OK well they do say that abundant breath abundant life yeah well that’s a saying I'm aware of so the deeper you breath the more power you attain the more you can in some way control your surroundings help control your emotions if you can control your emotions you can control your reactions to certain situations, you could also influence your own outcomes those are definitely beneficial things and if you think um words are powerful along with deep breathing and powerful breathing and positive words it could fruition just the way you want it too.


So, if I was in your class would you make us take a deep breath, a real breath?

I definitely would like to, the only thing is you know people, I mean it would just be suggestive, but you know people will still wanna do what they wanna do, but, I would. I definitely would also always mention and talk to them and just let them know that you have this voluntary option to take a full breath don’t wait until you have to, to use it. 

Use it now so that you can prevent everything that happens to you before it becomes a situation that you must now, just do it for the sake of doing it and then it won’t seem like it’s a job, and it won’t seem like it’s a stress or strain to get it done when you can’t, when you need to.



Yeah, so that’s the way I would try to you know inform people, be aware of that, utilize it, there’s a reason for that and it just makes you feel better and if you look on articles online you can see that they explain how deep breathing always make you feel better for whatever reasons it slows the heart rate down it slows this down it calms you it calms the nerves um, it influences the parasympathetic nervous system, all those calming, resting, digesting, recovery type of systems in the body. So, we don’t have to wait until anything drastic happens, we could always be trying to maintain that state all day long as long as we can remember and consciously be aware of that.

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