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The Diaphragm Master Muscle For Deep Breathing

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Rasheem James NorthingtonWriter : Rasheem James Northington Diaphragm Strengthening Coach Voice : Diaphragm Strengthening Coach United States 42514 Listens


Advantages of Deep Breathing

I have read many articles about the advantages of deep breathing exercises over the last few years and would like to identify key ones and relate them to the diaphragm.


Inhaling and exhaling a few deep breaths everyday could make drastic improvements in your lifestyle. In can decrease stress, relax your mind, body and can help you sleep better.

Key Points

-Act as your Natural Pain Killer
-Improve Blood Flow
-Improve Immunity
-Calms Down Anxiety
-Increases your energy Level
-Improves Posture


Now if this is true, which it is, the only skeletal muscle that makes all of this deep breathing possible is the thoracic diaphragm also known as the diaphragm, as deep breathing, is used synonymously with the term diaphragmatic breathing. And deep breathing is highly dependent upon the diaphragm’s function. When diaphragmatic breathing, belly breathing, or deep breathing is performed for the particular breathing exercise, more contraction from the diaphragm is needed per contraction. The length of the contraction cycle of the diaphragm must increase, not the frequency. This increase in contraction of the diaphragm must exceed the body’s normal involuntary contraction of the diaphragm, therefore voluntary engagement of the diaphragm is necessary. This means that in order for us to experience these benefits of improvements for the body we must rely on the diaphragm and ask for the diaphragm to work harder for us.


One significance of associating deep breathing, belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing with diaphragmatic contraction is that when breathing exercises are described there really is no defined amount of air that is instructed to breathe into the body and the amount should be different for everyone. No one can ever expect to have the same breath capacity. But for every individual, the best way to quantify how much air or breath we can take in should be regulated by the contractional potential/ability of the diaphragm. Once the diaphragm reaches its contractional limit then no more air will flow into the body, it is now time to begin the exhalation process by relaxing the diaphragm.


Once you begin to consistently stimulate/engage/reach the contractional limit of the diaphragm muscle, over time it will begin to increase the strength of the diaphragm and in turn improve the contractional ability of the diaphragm. This improved/increased ability of the diaphragm’s contraction when utilized will bring more air and breath into the body per contraction, therefore greatly improving the before mentioned benefits of deep breathing. So, if you would like the capacity of breath intake to increase, then increase the contractional ability of diaphragm.


I am concluding today’s topic about deep breathing and the beneficial effects that it has on the body and reminding you that the muscle directly responsible and highly depended upon to access these benefits is the diaphragm and that the potential for an in increase of your deep breathing capacity is highly influenced by the length/strength of the contractional ability of the diaphragm which can be positively improved from regular consistent practices of deep breathing.

Thank you everyone for choosing to listen to me, Rasheem Northington on “Listen Rasheem Live” on DueClixVoiceFM and once again I am the Diaphragm Strengthening Coach and the Author of the book The Diaphragm-The Muscle Source Of Life. Which can be purchased on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, writersrepublic.com, and other online sellers as well. Thank you!

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