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Learn How to Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body with Kel Rae

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Avoid Surgery By Healing Naturally!

The subject of healing with mind has been around for centuries and many religions and doctors have written a lot of material about this but not on how to do it. I’d like to introduce Kel Rae who has documented an easy-to-read 70-page workbook for the beginner of how to use the mind to heal the body.


We are not controlled by our mind; we are controlled by our bodies  intuitive movements and then the mind follows with its justifications and actions. Illness is when the mind cannot follow therefore, we must remedy it. Our inner self must tell it what to do.


I am a firm believer that we can control our mind to surpass many of life’s difficulties including injuries. I have seen it and I have done it. Looking back on my life I clearly see that many things that appeared difficult to achieve were achievable when I convinced my mind that I could do it.


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Can you tell our listeners about your book, “How to Heal Your Body Using Your Mind!”; How can I learn to heal my body using my mind in just 70 pages? That’s only two hours of reading?

The book, How to Heal Your Body Using Your Mind, is really a basic, solid introduction to how to position your focus to direct your body to repair itself. It provides useful tools, such as visualizations and a step-by-step guide, on how to implement them. Yes, I know its short but the mind doesn’t need complication.


In addition, I also provide free online training, and I mean real free training with no sales involved in the training process at all so you can concentrate on the methods themselves. If you go to my site: www.healwithmind.com you can click on FREE TRAINING and receive one method per day for five days which reveal how to focus the mind to create belief in order to implement change in the body.


Comments :Thanks for sharing a theme of your book and your training programs and I agree that a speeding healing depends on your willpower.

Kel, this is a pretty unusual DIY Workbook. Can you tell me what propelled you to write it? and also tell our listeners that how you healed your paralysis and angioedema by using your mind? I’m excited to hear this because it could potentially motivate millions of people to take control of their health. So tell me how did you convince your mind?

I wrote the book simply to share my story and provide the very same tools that helped me to heal to enable others to take these very same actions for themselves. So they could free themselves from negative health conditions.

I healed paralysis and angioedema simply through focusing my mind on what I wanted to achieve using memories and visualizations to create belief. I had a militant daily routine that suggested to my mind that the outcome was already true. The majority of this daily routine existed in my mind alone - which means there was nothing in the outside world that was mirroring my desired health outcome. My outer world was substituted for my inner world until it became so. That is, until my body reflected what I wanted it to reflect.


It was hard work that became easier over time, but definitely well worth it. The hardest part is staying true to the path when your desired results are not taking place. Trying to keep moral up by keeping the belief strong. The trick is believing the outcome so strongly that the body must provide it. I actually began by accessing memories to create visualizations with my mind that my body would believe. This is because memories are hardwired to belief because they have already happened in the past so they are easier to believe in the now.


Comments: Sharing experiences certainly help many to learn and that is why we always pay attention on listening successful and motivational stories. I am sure, many will learn from your experiences too.

How can one develop a will to control the body with the mind? Because, something though this may seem do-able for you and me, it may not seem doable for others. What is your first step towards creating belief? Because belief is the hardest part.

Believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself sometimes you can believe in someone else. You’ve probably heard of miracle healings in the name of Christ. These are people believing that something else is changing them. It doesn’t matter who or what it is. When the belief of the change presents itself in the mind then change in the body occurs.


Strengthening your will is really strengthening your desire. And this desire will fuel you to do the work. You can strengthen your desires by looking at the outcomes it will provide to you. Desire is a passion for something which is key. For example, with me I had a passion for roller blading and figure skating – this was my sole motivation for refusing to accept anything less than fully healing my legs. It was this motivation alone that fueled or increased my will to focus my mind and do the work. You have to have that conversation with yourself.


The next stage is to strengthen your believing. Which you can do every day by creating goals and achieving them – both short term and long term. In this way you begin to strengthen your mind power - your own ability to create positive change.

Once you do it you become addicted. After I healed myself the second time, I began to use it for many other maladies because I was just too lazy to go to the doctor’s office.


Comments: Kel, believing yourself is a key to  heal and grow. It gives you a self confidence and courage as well to do more.

Do you think that exercise helps to control your mind? Because, I believe, to do something practically you need to first develop your stamina and I personally believe the exercise helps you to motivate and clear your mind. And, additionally, it makes you discipline. Did you cover in your book or in your coaching the essence of the physical exercise?

Yes, exercise quiets the mind chatter and helps the mind focus. Focus is the key to create change. When you focus your mind, you keep it in a holding pattern which builds momentum. This momentum pulls all the body’s streams to the center, the core – this creates a unified mind which can be used in a variety of ways. Here the mind is not fragmented – it is whole.


Imagine being able to focus all your mind on one thing vs a fragmented mind that can only concentrate for a few minutes and then moves on. They are very different experiences. Exercise provides the option to train your mind which is why I only work with athletes.


Comments: Certainly, exercise is a key which stops your mind chattering, if your mind is relaxed and it is in a peace you perform better.

Kel, what is the process to join your personal coaching and what is the duration of a complete training. And what is the percentage of satisfied people based on your experience because a person generally wants an easy solution, and this route is no doubt organic and result oriented. Additionally, based on my personal experience it gives you a motivation to live longer because you start loving your life.


The healing with mind coaching program is a set of four coaching sessions that are usually spaced out a bit so that the client can begin to wade into the methods over time so that he or she can assemble the information and then train the mind in increments. What we are doing is building a believable story and process together so that it is united on all fronts for the mind to fully believe so that the body will implement the change.


Comments : Generally, most people do not have a patience to wait and they want to see results sooner rather than later to continue with your programs. That is why, the successful people ratio is less as compared to less successful people because they lack in patience which is a key behind of every successful story. Let me tell you my personal story that at one point my wait was 240 pounds and I brought it down to 175 pounds, but my patience, consistency and trust in what I am doing is right paid off finally.Initially first six months I did not see much results, but I beat my body's beast finally and I achieved my goal. Kel, it is all your willpower that empower you to do something different to set an example for others which apparantlty looks difficult to do.



How soon someone can expect results? I understand, it depends on a person's will?

Because everybody is different the duration can be varied due to where the individual is at. Sometimes we space the sessions over a year, sometimes over a month or a few weeks, or six months. We begin to get a feel for this on the second session when the client begins to feel where his or her mind is at.


Clients have up to two years to use all four session. So if they resolve their issue earlier than expected but then have a relapse they can always return as a follow up session. I do also give them lifetime membership to a Facebook group I operate where they can post questions. We stay connected because life is about team.


Usually, clients are happy about their healing plans and work hard to resolve their issues. I am the coach but not the healer. Each client is their own healer. I help them with the process and the mental organization for their mind to be able to do this. I am a coach not a healer.


Comments: I understand Kel, the first phase is a test of  both the parties patience.

Kel Rae, Please tell our listeners how can they reach to you for free training, or personal coaching or to  buy your book.

The book, "How to Heal Your Body by Using Your Mind" is listed on Amazon and you can get FREE TRAINING simply by going to www.healwithmind.com


Conclusion: “Love your life and know that nothing is impossible to achieve and you will achieve it with courage and self-motivation. Someone said life is very long to live, and that we generally understand it later. So, understand the importance of time, which never returns.


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